Workplace Investigation

Workplace investigations are a legislated requirement for Ontario employers. Employers have a duty to conduct a reasonable investigation in the workplace in order to pursue any claims of, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, or any other serious personnel-related problems that may arise. Though not all workplace investigations may require a law firm, it is beneficial to seek outside counsel to ensure that matters are conducted professionally and without bias.
It is important that the workplace investigation is properly conducted. If it is later determined that the investigation was not properly conducted, the employer may be liable to pay the employee damages. Further, if the employer or an employee of the employer is found to be guilty of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination or violence, the employer can be fined, ordered to change its policies, make accommodations, and compensate the victim financially as much as $250,000 or more. It is therefore imperative that employers investigate all claims of harassment, discrimination and/or violence in the workplace to protect themselves against liabilities.
Mackenzie law is always available to assist with complex workplace investigations and provide the necessary guidance to ensure that your matter is resolved quickly and efficiently.
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