Federally Regulated Employees

Most employees working in Ontario are protected under the Ontario Employment Standards Act while other employees that work with federally regulated employers are governed by a different law – the Canada Labour Code.
The Canada Labour Code provides minimum protections for employees who work in federally regulated sectors such as:
  • Transportation
  • Banks (including RBC, Scotia Bank, TD, CIBC, BMO)
  • Radio and Television
  • Delivery (FedEX, UPS, Canada Post)
  • Telecommunications (Bell, Rogers, Freedom, Telus)

Unjust Dismissal

While many Ontario employees can be terminated without cause for any reason, federally regulated employees can only be terminated for certain reasons including just cause, lack of work, or position elimination. If a federally regulated employee is terminated without cause, it is possible they may be entitled to reinstatement and/or a severance package.
Mackenzie Law has experience in assisting federally regulated employees fight unjust dismissal. If you are a federally regulated employee with questions or whose employment has been terminated, contact Mackenzie Law today for a free consultation.
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