Contract Review

Almost all jobs require employees to sign a written employment contract before they commence work. Employers usually include terms in the contract that limit or reduce an employee’s legal entitlements. An employment contract is the most important document for an employee’s job, for this reason it is recommended that employees speak with an employment lawyer before signing the agreement. The most critical feature in an employee’s employment contract is the termination clause, as it defines how much severance (notice of termination or payment in lieu of notice) an employee receives when their employment is terminated. Other employment agreement clauses that are important to an employee are the vacation entitlements, non-solicitation and non-competition clauses, confidentiality clauses and more.
While it is understandable that employees are usually excited to start a new job, it is never a good idea to gloss over your employment contract. Employment contracts are usually drafted in favour of employers because they have the bargaining power and employees are mostly ecstatic to be offered employment. Mackenzie Law can help employees understand their employment contract, their rights and help them negotiate more favourable terms in their employment contract.
If you are presented with an employment contract, congratulations! But before you sign the employment agreement, contact Toronto Employment Lawyer Ugo Mackenzie for review.
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